Pledge for Learning

In Williamsburgh Primary this week, all of the classes have began to learn about our schools Pledge for Learning. Williamsburgh have pledges that all pupils must follow. If they follow a pledge or do something really well on our pledge list, then they get to move up our WOW board (Wonderful of Williamsburgh!).

Everyone begins on bottom green each day and can move up or down. If they get to bottom yellow, they loose 5 minutes golden time. If they get on the red, then they will loose 10 minutes Golden time.

If they reach the gold 5 days in a row, they get to a gold star!
10 gold stars – Bronze award
20 gold stars – Silver award
30 Gold stars – Gold award

On a Monday we get to choose where we want to go for Golden time. In the Primary 1 – 2 classrooms there are a variety of activities for the children to choose from. If they manage to keep all of their Golden Time then they will get to go to their chosen activity!! Please note that one of these is the ICT/DS/Ipod room. If your child has chosen this for Golden time, then they can bring this in on a Friday and I will keep it safe for them.

We are really enjoying our Pledge for Learning and are working hard to Go for Gold!!!

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