Health and Well-being

Bounce Back

In assembly a few weeks ago, Mrs Scott spoke to us about a things called ‘Bounce Back’. She told us the story of Tigger losing his bounce and how he got it back. All over the school, Bounce Back is beginning to be slowly introduced as a resillience, emotional, social and behavioural resource to teach children during Circle Time.

There are a set of rules that go with Bounce Back and you should have got these all home.

Please see the video below:

Healthy Bodies
We have been learning about keeping our bodies healthy in class as part of our Health and Well-being. We brush our teeth in class everyday to keep our teeth nice and healthy and to stop them from decaying!!

We have been looking at healthy foods that are not only good for our body but good for our teeth too!! Have a listen to some of the cool healthy foods you could try at home!!

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