Active Play

Active Play – 29/01/13

Hello! Welcome back to Active Play in the New Year! This week our Active Play activities are based on our Circus topic. We are really enjoying our topic and the love going to Active Play.

This time round we are making some performing lions in the spotlight (done with chalk), we are making our very own Circus puppet theatres, popcorn boxes and split pin acrobats! We have already put some on display in our class and they look fabulous!



Active Play – 4/12/12

This week we have started out new Active Play activities. We have been doing different Christmas activities as Christmas is coming fast!!!

We have been baking some rock buns, making christmas trees, door wreaths and beautiful Christmas tree baubles! We cant wait to take them home to use for decorations!!

Active Play – 06/11/12

This week we have begun our new activities in Active Play. We are really enjoying them! We have been making mermaids, surfers on waves, building floating boats from plastercine and doing floating and sinking experiments!


Active Play – 09/10/12

We have begun new activities in Active Play this week. They are still based on our Lighthouse Keeper Topic. We have been building lighthouses, making sandwiches, making scuba divers and doing a paintwash under water picture. Here are some photographs of us having fun at active play!


Active Play – 05/09/12

Yesterday we went to active play and I liked it. We were making seahorses. – Dylan C

Yesterday we had to make a lighthouse. We ripped paper to make the sea and then we glued the lighthouse on and we stuck on the words to match. – Shay

I was happy at Active Play and I was playing with the numbers to 20. You had to scoop the numbers up (on balls in water). – Skye

I liked doing the colouring in at Hamish the cat and sticking him on to his basket. – Monica

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